Nolisement Crew Top Athletes in Port Durban

Extract from the Durban Times

“In 1948, the crew of the Nolisement whilst in Port Durban, South Africa, won an inter-ship sports meeting and were presented with a cup from the Missions to Seamen. After their victory they threw out a challenge to any other merchant ship in durgan to try and beat them. The challenge was accepted by teams from Southmoor, Sculptor, Richmond Castle, Fort Highfield, Lawhill, Miendore and Waimana.

The meeting was organised by the Mission to Seamen and took place at Albert Park. The events included distance races, relay races, a tug-of-war, A wheel barrow race, a potato race and a chariot race. The crew of the Nolisment ran oput easy winners fully justifying their challenge. The crew of the wind-jammer Lawhill obtained second place , while the Southmoor was third. The best all -round performer proved to be Chris Halls, a member of the Lawhill’s crew. He won the mile, and quarter-mile race and also got a place in other events. In all , about 100 competitors took part in the meeting and there were 21 in the winning team from Nolisement.

As well as winning two successive inter-ship sports meetings, the crew of the Nolisement have also distinguished themselves at soccer. During the three weeks the ship has been in Durban, they have played nine games and have only been defeated once by a team from City of Exeter.

One of the Nolisement’s officers said that the crew of the ship were all keen on sport and always participated in those ports where sport was organised. They had always been able to hold their own.”

A member of the winning team was none other than our own Joe Norton who is third from the left in the back row of photograph.