Tony Meade

Tony was at sea between September 1956 and February 1961, and served as an Engineer Officer in RMS Brittany, RMS Tuscany, RMS Essequibo RMS Pardo and RMS Araby. He joined the Association in January 1996 and was appointed Vice Chairman in May 2006 and Chairman on 14th December 2016.

Des Farnham

Des was at sea between December 1950 and December 1955 and served in the Catering Department in Nearer, Carvel Park, Pearlstone, Busen Rollo, Monkton Comb, Middlesex Trader, Glaisdale, King David and Herulys.

Joe Norton

Joe was at sea between May 1943 and September 1951 and served in the Catering Department in Scandia, Baron Graham, Baron Elgin, Christine Marie, Isle of Guernsey, Waimera, Fort Fraser, Greenland and Barrington Court. Joe is a member of the Barry Branch and serves on the Association Committee as one of their representatives. He was appointed Chairman of the Branch on the death of Jim Greenway in March 2016.