The War Medal

The War Medal 1939-45 will be granted to full time personnel of the Armed Forces and the Merchant Navy.

The ribbon of the War Medal is in red, white and blue of the Union Flag. There is a narrow central red stripe with a narrow white stripe on either side. There are broad red stripes at either edge, the two intervening stripes being in blue.

In the Merchant Navy the qualifications for the award of the War Medal are:

(a) 28 days service anywhere at sea between the 3rd September 1939, and the 2nd September 1945.
(b) Sea going service brought to an end by death, wounds, or other disability attributed to service, capture by the enemy or cessation of hostilities on the 2nd September 1945, even though the service may not amount to 28 days in all. This concession will not apply to an individual who does not qualify for a Campaign Star.
(c) When the 1939-45 Star or one of the other Campaign Stars has been awarded for sea going service of less than 28 days the War Medal will be granted in addition.