The France & Germany Star

TThe France and Germany Star will be granted for entry into operational service on land from the 6th June 1944, until the 8th May 1945, in France, Belgium, Holland or Germany.

The ribbon of the France and Germany Star is red, white and blue of the Union Flag, and these colours are also used as a symbol of France and the Netherlands. There are five vertical stripes of equal width, one in blue at either edge and one in red at the centre, the two intervening stripes being in white.

In the Merchant Navy, the qualifications for the France and Germany Star are:

  1. Service, irrespective of the length of that service,in the following area provided it was directly in support of land operations in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany etc. (i.e. in Merchant Navy vessels taking troops, stores, etc. into Continental waters): The North Sea south of a line from the Firth of Forth to Kristiansand (South), in the English Channel or Bay of Biscay east of longitude 6 degrees west.

Merchant Navy service in the Mediterranean in support of operations in the South of France will not be a qualification. Such service will qualify for the Italy Star.

Clasp to The France and Germany Star

The France and Germany Star will not awarded in addition to the Atlantic Star. If a candidate should qualify for both of these Stars, the Star first earned will be awarded. If the France and Germany Star is awarded under these conditions a Clasp will be awarded for service which would qualify for the Atlantic Star. A silver rose Emblem will be worn to denote the award of this Clasp.