The Burma Star

The Burma Star will be awarded for entry into operational service in the Burma campaign from the 11th December 1941, until the 2nd September 1945.

The ribbon of the Burma Star is dark blue with a central red stripe, and in addition two orange stripes. The red stands for the British Commonwealth Forces, and the orange for the sun, and those are placed on a contrasting background of dark blue.

In the Merchant Navy, the qualifications for the Burma Star are;

(a) The 1939-45 Star must have been earned by six months’ service at sea followed by service on or after the 11th December 1941, irrespective of the length of that service, in the following area;

  1. The Bay of Bengal enclosed by a line running from the southernmost point of Ceylon for a distance of 300 miles south, thence to a point 300 miles west of the southernmost point of Sumatra, and continuing east to the western side of the Sunda Strait. The Malacca Strait is included.

If less than six months’ service at sea has been rendered the Burma Star will be awarded only in the following circumstances

(b) Service specified in paragraph (a) terminated by death, wounds or other disability arising out of service.
(c) Service specified in paragraph (a) marked by an Honour, Decoration, Mentioned in Despatches or Commendation for Brave Conduct.
(d) Service specified in paragraph (a) during the last six months of operational service up to the 2nd September 1945, provided that service was not subsequently rendered in another operational area. The 1939-45 Star will not be awarded in such cases,

Service in Merchant Navy vessels passing through the area specified in paragraph (a) will not be a qualification.

Clasp to The Burma Star

The Burma Star will not be awarded in addition to the Pacific Star. If a candidate should qualify for both, the Star first earned will be awarded. A Clasp will be awarded with it denoting that service which would have qualified for the other Star has been rendered. A silver rose Emblem will denote the award of this clasp.