The Atlantic Star

The Atlantic Star is intended to commemorate the battle of the Atlantic and is designed primarily for convoys and their escorts and anti-submarine forces as well as for fast merchant ships that sailed alone.

The ribbon of the Atlantic Star is blue, white and sea green, shaded and watered, the design being intended as a symbol of service in the Atlantic. The ribbon is to be worn with the blue edge furthest from the left shoulder.

In the Merchant Navy the qualifications for the Atlantic Star are:

(a) The 1939-45 Star must have been earned by six months’ service at sea and there must be a further six months’ service anywhere at sea rendered since the 3rd September 1939, until the 8th May 1945, with one or more voyages in the following area during the second six months:

  1. The Atlantic and/or Home Waters, including service in convoys to North Russia and service in the South Atlantic West of longitude 20 degrees East.

If twelve months’ service at sea has not been rendered, the Atlantic Star will be awarded only in the following circumstances:

(b) Service specified in paragraph a. brought to an end by death, wounds or disability arising out of service.
(c) Service at sea in the area specified in paragraph a. marked by an Honour, Decoration, Mention in Despatches or Commendation for Brave Conduct.
(d) Seamen who have not already earned the 1939-45 Star but who served in the Merchant Navy at sea in the area specified in paragraph a. during the last six months of operational service up to the 8th May 1945, will qualify for the Atlantic Star, provided that service was not subsequently rendered in another operational area. The 1939-45 Star will not be awarded in such areas.
(e) Time spent as a prisoner of war,consequent on service at sea in dangerous waters will count towards the six months’ qualifying period for the award of the Atlantic Star, provided that at the time of capture the 1939-45 Star had been earned by six months’ service at sea and one voyage had subsequently been made through the area specified in paragraph a.
(f) Service in local coastal craft is excluded, as this will be recognised by the ward of the 1939-45 Star.

Clasp to The Atlantic Star

Merchant Navy personnel who qualify for the Atlantic Star and the France and Germany Star will be awarded only the Star first earned. A clasp will be awarded with it denoting that the service which would have qualified for the second Star has been rendered. A silver rose Emblem will be worn to denote the award of the France and Germany or the Atlantic Clasp as the case may be.