1939-45 Star

The ribbon of the 1939-45 Star, which is the same for all Services, is dark blue, red and light blue in three equal vertical stripes. The dark blue stripe is intended to mark the service of the Naval Forces, the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets; the red stripe that of the Armies and the light blue stripe that of the Air Forces. The ribbon is to be worn with the dark blue stripe farthest from the left shoulder.

The qualifications for the award of the 1939-45 Star in the Merchant Navy are:

(a) Six months’ service at sea, provided that at least one voyage was made through one on the following danger zones:

  1. From 3rd September 1939 to 31st May 1940. The Atlantic Ocean, including Home Waters and the North Sea, Baltic, Arctic Ocean between Greenland and longitude 70 degrees East and that part of the Indian Ocean lying south of 15 degrees South and West of 55 degrees East.
  2. From 1st June 1940 to 9th June 1940. As (1) with the addition of the Pacific Ocean and the rest of the Indian Ocean.
  3. From 10th June 1940 – 8th May 1945. Anywhere at sea.
  4. From 9th May 1945 to 2nd September 1945. The Pacific Ocean, including the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal, east of a line running from the southernmost point of Ceylon for a distance of 300 miles south thence to a point 300 miles west of the southernmost point of Sumatra and continuing east to the western side of the Sunda Strait thence through Christmas Island and southwards along Meridian 110E. (Most of the Indian Ocean is excluded).

If six months’ service at sea has not been rendered the 1939-45 Star will be awarded only in the following circumstances:

(b). Service as a master or member of the crew of a vessel which took part in the evacuation of Dunkirk.
(c. Service at sea brought to an end by death, injury or other disability arising out of service, provided one voyage was made through one of the danger zones.
(d). A grant for service in dangerous waters of an Honour, Decoration, Mention in Despatches or Commendation for Brave Conduct.