H.M.R.T. Frisky - By Colston Hicks

During the Second World War, Colston Hicks served as a Radio Officer in the deep sea rescue tugs. Whatever the weather the little rescue tugs could always be relied upon to arrive on the scene when assistance was needed. Times were often hard and dangerous but there were also lighter moments as Colston now reflects.

“In 2006 I had just come back from a Heroes Return visit to the Adriatic staying 14 days in Dubrovnik. It brought back memories of the day the crew of HMRT Frisky was asked to make up a football team to play the locals. We obliged and saw the opposing team marching down the road towards the football ground with a large brass band at its head all in step and looking very smart.

I will not go into the finer details of the game except to tell you that we lost 64 - 0! The victorious team marched back to town again with the band playing loudly. It only came to light the next day when a shopkeeper told us that the team we had played was a crack Yugoslavian army team, and being a Communist Country it must have been the National team as well. But, what the hell! How many crews of the Rescue Tugs boys do you know that have played international football. I can tell you that the boys of HMRT Frisky dined out on that story for a few years.”

Colston Hicks
Mem. No. 191