I regret to inform you that Mr. Harry Parry ex-Chairman MNA (Wales) passed away on Monday the 15th May at the age of 96. Harry joined the Association in February 1996 shortly after it was formed. In May 1997 he was appointed Vice-Chairman and then Chairman in May 1999. He held the post for nearly 18 years before standing down on 14th December 2016.

Right from the beginning, the Association set out to raise the profile of the Merchant Navy. They attended numerous events and functions which Harry and his committees continued to do during his time in office. An important event during Harry’s watch occurred on the 3rd September 2001 when the Association was presented with the Freedom of the City and County of Cardiff in recognition of the huge debt which the City and County of Cardiff owes to Merchant Seamen. Cardiff was the first city in the United Kingdom to honour Merchant Seamen in this way. Whatever the event and whatever the weather, Harry was there to represent us and became a well recognised and highly respected ambassador for MNA (Wales).

Rest in peace Harry your watch is over.